Competition Is Cooperation


We view competition as a form of cooperation. Competitors draw out the best in one another. Ask any athlete, and she’ll tell you: she always performs better in competition than in training. Our “opponents” provide the additional motivation necessary to push ourselves to the kinds of performances we may never have thought possible in training.

Competitors help each other to become their best. In a sense your competitor is your greatest ally in your quest for excellence, as you are for her.  

Additionally, our competitors help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, which become most apparent during peak performance. Thus an athlete’s competitor actually helps her, not only by providing the impetus toward peak performance, but also by revealing her strengths and weaknesses.

In doing so, an athlete’s competitor teaches her how to become a better athlete, by showing her what she needs to improve to come back stronger and better for the next competition. Seen in this light, competitors are akin to sparring partners: both learning from and teaching one another, even as they compete against one another.

The more prepared you are, the more competitive you are, the more helpful it is not only to your own progress as an athlete, but also to all of your competitors. Don't hold back. Giving everything you've got is not selfish; it is actually the best favor you could do for your competitor, and for yourself.